CCI-London Board of Directors 2018-2019


Chris DiPietro, R.I.B. (Ont)  (2016-2019)

Past President

David Leff (2016-2019)


Stefan Nespoli, B.A.Sc., P. Eng. (2016-2019)


Michael Watson, CPA, CA, LPA (2016-2019)

National Rep.

Teresa Girardin, RC


Jeffrey Bell, LL.B. (2018-2021)
Tony DiPietro (2017-2019)
Séan Eglinton, RCM, ACCI (2018-2021)
Jennifer Dickenson, RCM (2016-2019)
Laura M. Glithero, LL.B. (2016-2019)
Victoria Phillips, RCM (2018-2021)
Kristi Sargeant-Kerr, LL.B. (2017-2020)
Trish Size (2018-2021)


Trish Kaplan, CCI (Hon's)
[2015: part-time home-based office]

Your enquiries, suggestions and comments are very important to us. Please contact all members of the CCI Board via email at

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